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Blobs: Create public or private Containers and Blobs (only BlockBlobs for now). Download or delete your blobs.

Queues: Create Queues and messages.

Tables: Create table and Entities. To create an Entity you'll have to add one property per line in the form of <PropertyName>:<PropertyValue>
If you don't set PertitionKey or RowKey default values will be used ("1" for PartitionKey and a new Guid for RowKey).
For Example to create a new movie:
Title:Die Hard

To query the entities from a table use the following syntax: <PropertyName> [operator] <ProepertyValue>
Where the valid operators are: eq (equals), gt (greater than), ge (greater or equal), lt (less than), le (less or equal) and ne (not equal)
To query action movies use the following:
PartitionKey eq 'Action'

If you don't write a query the system will retrieve every Entity on the Table

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